Pool Lift IGAT-180


  • Model: igat180
  • Pool Lift IGAT-180 - lift for in-ground pool

    In-Ground Automatic Turn 180

    Certified to meet the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design as well as the requirements of the ADA, ABA and CBC.

    -Powered by Water Pressure -- lifts up to 400 LB. at 55-65 PSI open flow water pressure

    -Custom Heavy-Duty modification available for larger users.

    -No dangerous and expensive batteries required. Completely green to operate.

    -Standard Vertical Seat Travel - 44".

    -Easily removed for off-season storage.

    -Each lift includes a seat belt.

    -Flip-Up Footrest Included.

    Easy retrofit to utilize off-brand lift deck sockets for ADA-compliance.

    Can Be Padlocked in Deck Position

    Named 2012 Most Valuable Product by Aquatics International!

    Our best-selling lift for most applications, the Model IGAT-180 is certified to meet the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design, now a law in the United States. It is user-operable, and its seat height is easily adjustable to accommodate various wheelchair heights. The 180 degree clockwise turn allows the greatest access from the deck for the user and any assistants. Side-to-side transfers are easy; the footrest flips up and the mounting arm for the footrest is under the seat. This allows for unobstructed transfer. The seat rotates forward when entering the pool, and backward when exiting the water. The IGAT-180 is a fixed installation, secured into deck with concrete and steel, but the lifting apparatus is easily removed for storage. The standard seat has a right arm only, but a flip-up outer arm is available

    Static pressure (measured at faucet or hose with no water flowing) is affected by variables in the material, length, diameter and rigidity of the water lines and hoses from the street to the lift, and by how many other faucets are open at the same time. Operating pressure requirement (measured while lifting) is not affected by these variables.