004P Low Profile Pool Lift


  • Model: 004P
  • 004P 400 lbs. preminum Low profile Pool Lift


    Meets and exceeds ADA specifications. and offers a higher 400 lbs lifting capacity

    Durable, power-coated frames create a smooth layer of color for a long-lasting and beautiful finish. Resists peeling, chipping, and fading.

    Attractive and comfortable seating designed by one of America's leading patio furniture design companies. Available in beige or custom color options.

    Sleek curvilinear tube on base for easy installation directly onto pool deck with four bolts. Perfect for existing concrete decks.

    PORTABLE OPTION AVAILABLE: Wheeled, Secured by Deck Anchors. For an existing concrete deck or new pad.


    • 400 lbs. capacity

    • Meets and exceeds ADA specifications

    • Surface, bolt mounting

    • Ambidextrous seating

    • Fully submersible seating

    • Durable stainless steel construction

    • Comfortable seating

    • Sealed hand control

    • Wall-mounted charger with hanger

    • Removable, easy-access battery

    • Optional pool cover available