Pool Lift Above Ground AF-72


  • Model: AF-72
  • Pool Lift Above-Ground Lift for pool walls around 60" high AF-72

    Assisted Operation
    -Manual 360 Seat Turn
    -Powered by Water Pressure
    -Lifts up to 300 LBS. at 55-65 PSI-Heavy-Duty Modification Available
    -Vertical Seat Travel - 51"
    -Installs on Deck & Top Pool Flange
    -Includes Seat Belt and Mounting Hardware

    The Pool Lift Model AG72 was specifically designed to lift people into and out of above-ground high wall therapy pools. After raising the seat, the therapist turns the seat while helping to lift the patient's legs, then turns the valve handle to lower the seat inside the pool. The stainless-steel plate at the base of the cylinder is bolted to the floor, and a stainless-steel bracket around the top of the cylinder is bolted through the top pool flange. The standard seat has two arms and a seat belt is included with each lift.