Above Ground Pool Lift Wood-Post Mounted AG-48 WP


  • Model: AG-48WP
  • Above Ground Pool Lift Wood-Post Mounted AG-48 WP

    Above-Ground, Wood-Post Mount

    -Installs on Wood Post in Ground

    -Lifts Over Walls up to 31" tall

    -Manual 360 Seat Turn

    -Powered by Water Pressure

    -Lifts up to 300 LBS. at 55-65 PSI

    -Custom heavy-duty version available

    -Vertical Seat Travel - 31"

    The Pool Lift Model AG-48 is a lift designed for access to above-ground spas and hot tubs. On the model shown, the cylinder is welded to a 16" x 16" stainless-steel plate with tripod supports. This plate is bolted to the floor and the cylinder may be attached to the top edge of the spa in some applications. Other mountings are available. The standard seat faces away from the spa, and has two rigid arms. Optional side seats and several styles of manual turn handles allow some people to use this lift unassisted by manually rotating themselves while on the seat. Other applications for this unit include freestanding nursing home tubs, therapy pools, and swim-spas.