Pool Lift In-Ground Recessed Cylinder IGRC


  • Model: IGRC
  • Pool Lift In-Ground, Recessed Cylinder

    -Assisted Operation*

    -Manual 360 Seat Rotation

    -Powered by Water Pressure

    -Lifts up to 300 LBS. at 55-65 PSI

    -Custom Heavy-Duty Modification Available

    -Vertical Seat Travel - 42"

    -Installs in 6" PVC Sleeve ( if standard )or 8" PVC Sleeve( if heavy-duty) sunk 30" below the deck

    The Model IGRC is a good choice for pools with automatic covers and moveable floors, in-ground spas with bench seats, and pool/spa combinations. It has a low profile with the cylinder recessed into either a 6" or 8" PVC (customer-furnished) sleeve in the deck. This model can be built into wood decks or raised walls.

    Optional side seats and several styles of self-turn handles allow some people to be able to use this lift unassisted by manually rotating themselves while on the seat.