Pool Lift In Ground 90% turn


  • Model: IGAT-90
  • Pool Lift In-Ground Automatic 90 Seat Turn

    -Independent Operation

    -Automatic 90 Degree Seat Turn**

    -Powered by Water Pressure

    -Lifts up to 400 LBS. at 55-65 PSI while operating, which equals approximately 60 PSI static pressure when measured at the faucet or hose.*

    -Vertical Seat Travel - 44"

    Installs in Deck Socket

    -Easily removed for storage

    -Can be Padlocked in Seat-Up Position

    For those who can do a diagonal or front-pivot transfer, the Model IGAT-90 may be ideal for a home or private pool. Access for transfer is best with small or no gutter. The seat rotates backward (counter-clockwise) into water, and forward when exiting. The standard seat has two stationary arms.

    Static pressure (measured at faucet or hose with no water flowing) is affected by variables in the material, length, diameter and rigidity of the water lines and hoses from the street to the lift, and by how many other faucets are open at the same time. Operating pressure requirement (measured while lifting) is not affected by these variables.

    Opposite facing (opposite turn) and heavy-duty units available.