Shower Bay


  • Model: sbs1
  • Shower Bay is a safe and portable shower designed for wheelchair users. Unlike other solutions on the market, Shower Bay offers a true shower experience without requiring dangerous wet-environment transfers or expensive home renovations. The unique design allows for quick assembly in any room of the house. Just snap the unit together, connect to your standard faucet, turn on the pump, and you’re ready to shower!

    Benefits of Shower Bay

    Safe: The absolute safest way to shower is rolling completely into the shower without any wet-environment transfers.

    Clean: Enables everyday showering, rejuvenating the body and mind.

    Easy to Use: Shower Bay Instantly assembles in less than ten minutes without any tools or need of a contractor or plumber.

    Shower Bay offers a true shower experience. The warm, gentle massage of the water running through our hair or down our back is one of the best parts of our day. The majority of us take this rejuvenating sensation for granted. We tend to forget how energizing and essential our morning shower is to us starting our day. Many people with mobility limitations miss their shower time because it is too dangerous and time-consuming for family and caregivers to assist them. A loved one deserves their morning shower. Give them the gift of a shower.


    Shower Base and Ramp: Length 80” Width 43 ¾”

    Overall Height Height: 50 ½ “

    Hose Length: 35" *Longer hose length available upon request.

    Power Cord  12’

    Available Colors: Sea Form and White